mezzo-soprano classical singer,early music singers texas,female medieval chant,bach
early music singers texas,female medieval chant,bach

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Commercial Recordings

The Fire and the Rose Most of these texts are meditations on the virgin birth, and are some of the most powerful evocations of the feminine divine I have ever seen. Also, this is not monophonic chant, as in the Gregorian tradition. Aquitainian chant is the very earliest form of polyphony. Most pieces are sung by two solo voices, one ornamenting the other.

[img: Fire and the Rose]

Tomas de Torrejon y Velasco: La Purpura de la Rosa According to what I've been told, this recording was created from rehearsals in the Theatre de Champs Elysees. It is one of the few recordings of this piece, which is said to be the first opera composed in the New World.

[img: Torrejon Y Velasco La Purpura]

Sneaking Out the Back Door Want to hear "Java Jive" sung with a barely-discernable German accent? This may be your only chance. The title of this disc is derived from the vocal arrangement that Thomas Schaller (one of La Cappella's leading lights) made of a Stevie Wonder tune. No kidding. Really. I have no idea if Preiser Records still has copies of this disc.

[img: Sneaking Out the Back Door]

Johann Joseph Fux: Requiem As far as I know, this is the only extant recording of this work. Almost ten years elapsed between the time we recorded it (in a residence somewhere in the first district of Vienna) and the time it was released. La Cappella first performed it in the Musikverein with the Clemencic consort; it was my first big solo opportunity in Europe!

[img: Fux Requiem]

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MP3 Sound Samples

Medieval Selections

[img: notes]Per partum virginis (3.1 MB)
    (Acquitaine, late 12th century; from the Koch recording The Fire and the Rose, with soprano, Joyce Todd)

[img: notes]Res jocosa (2.5 MB)
    (Acquitaine, late 12th century; from the Koch recording The Fire and the Rose, with tenor, Daniel Johnson)

Renaissance Selection

[img: notes]Nu dobbert myn Liefje op de ree (1 MB)
    (Netherlands, late 16th century; live performance with Scott Horton, lute)

Baroque Selections

[img: notes]Können tränen (3.6 MB)
    (J.S. Bach, from St. Mathew Passion; live performance with New Texas Music Works, Craig Hella Johnson, conducting)

[img: notes]Jubilate Domino (3.4 MB)
    (Dietrich Buxtehude; live performance with Barrett Sills, viola da gamba, and Keith Womer, organ)

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