mezzo-soprano classical singer,early music singers texas,female medieval chant,bach
early music singers texas,female medieval chant,bach

Stephanie Prewitt, Repertoire

Songs, Arias, and Chamber Works

    The Christ Child's
Beethoven, L. van
    Ich liebe dich
    Kennst du das Land
    La Marmotte
Boyce, William
    As soon hope
      for peace
      (from The
      Shepherd's Lottery)
Brahms, Johannes
    Songs for alto, viola,
      and piano, Op. 91
Buxtehude, Dietrich
    Jubilate Domino
Caccini, Francesca
    O che nuovo stupor
Caccini, Giulio
    Io che dal ciel cader
Charpentier, Marc-Antoine
    Troisieme Leçon
      de Ténèbres
Dowland, John
    Can she excuse
      my wrongs
    Come again
    Now, oh now I needs
      must part
    Say, Love
    Time stands still
Gluck, C. W.
    Che faro senza Euridice
    Ave Maria
Handel, G. F.
    Fammi combattere
    Mi palpita il cor
    O Lord, whose
      mercies numberless
    Scenes of horror
Haydn, Franz Joseph
    An All-Too-Common Story
    Arianna a Naxos
    The Abandoned Woman
    The Mother's Belated Arrival
    To Thyrsis
Johnson, Robert
    Dear, do not your
      fair beauty wrong
    Have you seen
      the white Lilly
Kulp, Jon
    Rosetree Follies
Lambert, Michel
    Vos mespris
      chaque jour
Lassus, Orlando de
    Bon jour,
      mon coeur
    La nuit froide
      et sombre
Leonarda, Isabella
    Quam dulcis es
Monteverdi, Claudio
    A Dio Roma
    Currite, populi
    Exulta filia
    Lamento della ninfa
    Ohimé dov'è
      il mio ben (duet)
Pärt, Arvo
    Es sang vor
      langen jahren
Purcell, Henry
    Evening Hymn
    Fairest Isle
    Here the deities
    How happy
      the lover
    Strike the viol
Saint-Saëns, Camille
    Ave Maria (duet)
Schubert, Franz
    Ave Maria
Schütz, Heinrich
    Christ, unser Herr,
      zum Jordan kam
    Es steh Gott auf
    In lectulo per noctes
    Wer will uns
      scheiden (quartet)
Schumann, Robert
    Frauenliebe und
Strozzi, Barbara
    Canto di bella
      bocca (duet)
Telemann, Georg Phillip
    Erquicktes Herz,
      sei voller Freude
    Heilige drei König
    Ich bin getauft
    Ihr völker, hört
    Kein Vogel kann in
      weiten Fliegen
Traditional Scottish ballads
    The banks of
      the Devon
    Logan Water
    Such a parcel
      of rogues
    The broom of
    The flowers of
    The winter of life
    Wae is my heart
Vivaldi, Antonio
    Qual per ingnoto
      calle, RV 677
Welcher, Dan
    Abeja blanca

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